“Off The Record” Archive

  • “One day I just want to skip everything, and see what all the fuss about soaps is.”

    — Dr. Randle, on soap operas
  • “I'm almost angelic, I harp on it so much.”

    — Dr. Lestmann
  • “Homework can be relaxing. I've seen many people falling asleep doing homework.”

    — Dr. Lestmann
  • “Shhh. That means 'shut up' in quiet language.”

    — Senior Joseph Demme
  • “So, it was like running on a treadmill without the running part.”

    — Senior Mary Clauson on senior Jenny Hale's tired brain
  • “I've never been more excited to pray in my life!”

    — Freshman Amanda Carpenter on Day of Prayer
  • “It feels like I just killed a bear and now I am going to sleep in it!”

    — Freshman Amanda Carpenter after taking her body pillow out of its case
  • “You look better going than coming.”

    — Tracey Bridwell, Advancement Assistant, referring to the detail work on the back of Diana Buttram's sweater
  • “I feel like I need to get dewormed now! We should all go to the hospital and get dewormed!”

    — Sophomore Kelsey McCormick after reading her Zoology textbook
  • “I'd say he said a few other things before that profound thing - I think the Bible's pretty tame!”

    — Dr. Boling, on Adam's first viewing of Eve
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