“Off The Record” Archive

  • “Well, next year half of them will transfer and we'll beat 'em then.”

    — Sophomore Chad Byers after losing to the juniors in Flag Football
  • “I'd marry Bailey Payne just for her hair.”

    — Justus Stout
  • “Spenser is such a rhyming hot-dog!”

    — Dr. Whit Jones on the poetry of Edmund Spenser
  • “I’d trade a cup o’ coffee for multiple wives any day!”

    — Thomas Burton on learning that the Mormons supposedly don’t drink coffee
  • “I tend to be fairly conservative”

    — Dr. Ketchersid in Modern European Class
  • “It's Arnold rotting from the inside out.”

    — Amanda Carpenter on the bad smell on campus
  • “In-su-lin! I'm addicted to it. I quite like it. It makes me happy!”

    — Dr. Drew Randle, about insulin as treatment for type one diabetes
  • “Almost everything I tell you is probably right.”

    — Dr. Steve Barnett in Weather Studies class
  • “It’s like waiting for a woman to have a baby.”

    — Paulakay Ricketts on waiting for the new entrance construction to start
  • “I really love having him here with me. He's my best friend, and we like to read each other stories at night before we go to sleep.”

    — Jordan Devlin on his bed routine with roommate Richard Kirk
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