My Experience with the NYSUM Outreach

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Picture Credits: Dr. Michael Finch Written by Jordan Hubbard, News Editor and Social Media Manager NEW YORK CITY, NY – I have to admit that when I first heard we were going to be serving in the Bronx after dark, I was scared out of my mind. I was looking for any excuse to not Read More

Chat.GPT: A Faculty Perspective

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Written by Priscilla Doran, guest writer  DAYTON, TN – The Open-AI powered chatbot “Chat.GPT” is taking the world by storm. Set up as a conversation, the Siri-like technology helps users research, create content and solve problems. The platform specializes in natural language communication, designed to help users understand concepts, generate creative ideas and begin the Read More

OPINION: Experiencing Joy in Academia

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Written by Amanda Davis, Feature Editor As busy college students, finding joy in academia can be a very difficult task. There always seems to be an assignment to finish, a deadline to race, and exam to stress over. Academia can sometimes turn things that we hold dear and near to our heart into something that Read More

Taylor Swift Releases Midnights, Her Tenth Studio Album 

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Written by Hollee Workman, Entertainment Reporter LOS ANGELES, CA — Chances are, you have probably at least heard about country star gone pop sensation Taylor Swift.  With a career spanning almost two decades, Taylor Swift has made quite the reputation for herself in the music industry.  To the excitement of many of her fans, Swift Read More