College to Career: Journalism

6 months ago Triangle 0
Written by Samantha Burgess, managing editor As your senior year looms closer, so does the reality of having to get a job in the real world. The idea of developing a life long career after college is intimidating.   To help ease this fear, here is a list of tips from the editors of the Read More

My Story to Encourage other Believers

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Written by: Alexander Daniels, guest contributor I wrote to encourage my fellow believers in their relationship with the Lord. Throughout my life, I have been amazed by the miracles that I have seen God do in my life and my family’s. I think it’s time for people to hear this story. My hope in writing Read More

The importance of gratitude in the midst of pain

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Written by: Samantha Burgess, assistant editor It’s not fair. My job is miserable and overwhelming, I have way too many assignments and extracurriculars, my parents are struggling. How am I supposed to deal with this, God? This was my attitude up until a few weeks ago. I was overwhelmed and, admittedly, ungrateful. But as Christians, Read More

Can we actually finish the semester?

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Written by: Nathan Ecarma, Editor-in-chief We’re all here one way or another. Here being the point in the semester where nothing seems to be enough. It’s no longer enough to drink excessive amounts of coffee, no longer enough to turn the music louder or even enough to will our way to the end. And these Read More