“Off The Record” Archive

  • “I hate diseases!”

    — senior Emily Lantzer while studying for a science test
  • “I need to be go doing stuff.”

    — junior Emily McKeehan, half asleep, on her need to do schoolwork late at night
  • “Grout died because he read his book.”

    — Mrs. Kim Keck about one of the music textbooks
  • “"We can't even have kids without paying a price anymore." - junior Amelia Pool
    "I can." -sophomore Vincent Smith, in a discussion about life after the Fall

  • “Somewhere in Tennessee there is a chicken farm owned by Dr. Livesay.”

    — sophomore Daniel Grayton
  • “Washing machines don't have to draw us away from the Lord, but they can. It just depends on how we look at them.”

    — Dr. Whit Jones on materialism
  • “If we were all bilingual, we'd be more like Jesus.”

    — Dr. Herbert Page
  • “It gives guys a reason to be creepers.”

    — Chad Byers on the heart game (Hush Day)
  • “This tastes similar to play dough...and play dough is good!”

    — John Moore about the food at the CLF: Worldview and Life retreat
  • “\"This is a very Bryan College movie: \'I\'m here to get a wife!\'\"”

    — - sophomore Maddie Doucet referring to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
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