Triangle is the student-produced news media at Bryan College, providing a forum for news, sports, opinion and discussion. Triangle is published daily as an interactive news website from September to the beginning of May (except in December and January).





Contact Information


Street Address: Bryan College Triangle, Box 7807

721 Bryan Drive

Dayton, TN 3732


Editor-in-Chief: Isabelle Hendrich

Managing Editor: Amanda Davis

Assistant Editor: Jordan Hubbard

Staff Writers: Rob Speed, Henry Chesebro

Video Team: Jacob Caplinger, Trinity Smith

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Michael Finch | 

Mission Statement

Triangle’s mission is first and foremost to bring glory and honor to God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is our mission, also, to seek truth always and accurately and effectively report that truth to our readership; inform the Bryan College community of newsworthy issues affecting or relative to their lives while offering an independent voice for Triangle staff members and the student body at large; provide hands-on, practical experience for students in the art and craft of journalism; bring credit and positive professional recognition to the Triangle publication and to Bryan College.


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