A Student’s Perspective on the Asbury University Revival

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Written by Amanda Davis, Feature Editor When Lexie Presta first arrived at Hughes Auditorium at Asbury University at 10 a.m., she had no idea that she would not leave the building until twelve hours later. Chapel had felt like normal that morning to the Asbury senior. Rev. Zach Meerkrebs was speaking about Romans 12 as Read More

Dr. Daniel Gleason

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Written by Jordan Hubbard, News Editor DAYTON, TN – The only professor to get knocked out and suffer a nosebleed for Bryan College is Dr. Daniel Gleason. Gleason participated in Fight Night last spring and gained this unique honor from the event. Gleason is the Chair of the English Department and an English professor here Read More

Finding Faith: Anna McCready 

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Written by Isabelle Hendrich, Editor-in-Chief  DAYTON, TN – Anna McCready is a 2019 alumni of Bryan College who majored in Business Management. She is now working at Home Federal Bank in Tennessee. McCready and her family are originally from Maryland and moved to TN in 2021.  McCready was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school in Read More

James Woychuk, Pastor of GBC, Begins Teaching at Bryan College

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Written by Isabelle Hendrich, Editor-in-Chief  Dayton, TN – James Woychuk, who often goes by Jim, is the senior pastor of Grace Bible Church in Dayton, TN.  Woychuk is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in English from Bryan College. He attended Dallas Theological Seminary for his masters degree in theology. Read More