“Off The Record” Archive

  • “Those who experience the vast and many torments of Rudd should not have to experience the vast and many torments of Mercer 3rd.”

    — Dr. Steve DeGeorge
  • “Are you a nationality other than white?”

    — sophomore Justin Morton to sophomore Danene Bottiaux
  • “I’ve got a lot of respect for the Amish; they make good furniture!”

    — Dr. Drew Randle
  • “Man! No internet, and God doesn't make sense!”

    — senior Jeremy Blaschke, lamenting the various trials of writing a paper in the library
  • “What? I make faces when I think.”

    — junior Joy Koan
  • “I need to find some old people... quickly!”

    — senior Emily Lantzer on finding people to interview for a history project
  • “We won't talk about homeschool and incest. They're not related.”

    — Dr. Ken Turner in Pentateuch
  • “"Are you guys coming to the Singer Songwriter thing?" -sophomore Adam Coker
    "No, I've got Bible study..." -sophomore Lauren Estes
    "And I've got The Office, so..." -sophomore Kelsey Williamson

  • “I would not like to be owned by Curt in the face!”

    — senior Ryan Smith in response to junior soccer player Curt Hayes taking down Bluefield College's keeper
  • “Why do I have friends?”

    — sophomore Brianna Miller after a friend spilled tea on her
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