“Off The Record” Archive

  • “\"Heaven is going to be this temperature.\" - Freshman Rebekah Weaver referring to the 66-degree weather

    \"I don\'t know about that. Maybe God likes to keep it toasty... Actually, never mind! That\'s the other place.\" - Freshman Abby Taylor”

  • “\"So how did life start? *reproductive cells appear on a screen with a loud buzzing noise* Well, this is how it all begins.\" - Dr. Clark Rose

    \"I\'m pretty sure it sounds nothing like THAT!\" - Sophomore Stephanie Gagnon”

  • “(After his Intro to Communications class welcomes him back with applause)

    \"Please, don\'t stop.\" - Mr. Palmer”

  • “\"I\'d be happy getting diabetes off these things.\" - Junior Alex Green about chocolate buckeye candies”

  • “\"No! Don\'t lick my lizard!\" - Freshman Kayla Snyder in reference to senior Sarah Wood trying to lick a lizard tattoo wrapped around her wrist”

  • “\"So this one time, I made this dough creature and filled its belly with cheese. It was a turtle and when you bit into its shell it was all gooey and... Mmmm.\" - Senior Derek Batt about working in a pizza place over the summer”

  • “\"How do they expect us to stay awake through Contemporary Math in a 90 degree room?\" - Senior Jesse Murray”

  • “\"Glitter is like the herpes of the fashion world.\" - Senior Jeremy Brandon”

  • “\"Looks like I got my panties on today.\" - Junior Alex Green after missing a bad putt in Golf class”

  • “\"There\'s something ironic about the idea of America digging itself into such a deep hole that it eventually comes out in China...\" - Junior Joseph Starkey”

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