“Off The Record” Archive

  • “My humor is not nihilistic; it's completely pointless.”

    — Dr. Lestmann, in Math 116 online, regarding his humor, and the relationship between logic and fun
  • “I haven't sleepen in three days.”

    — Rob Ethan Hargraves, when Stephanie Huskey asked why he was acting funny
  • “Hi, I'm your new neighbor. Could I borrow a cup of peas?”

    — alumnus Kirsten Meberg, on poor, hungry college students moving out into the world
  • “Sno-Biz doesn't win championships... lettuce wins championships.”

    — sophomore Brian Livingston on the diet of a BC soccer player
  • “You're always walking around with scantily clad feet!”

    — senior Wendy Vork to junior Amanda Elswick, about her Chaco-wearing in October
  • “I don't condone cheating. Actually I do when it comes to board games.”

    — Mrs. Kathryn Saynes, in class
  • “I love mockery! It's my favorite!”

    — senior Millie Jones, on critiquing movies
  • “Yet another opportunity to be a bad girl.”

    — Paulakay Ricketts on corn nuggets being served for lunch
  • “Let me chase a rabbit and I'll beat him and skin him in a moment.”

    — Dr. Drew Randle, in Personal and Cult Evangelism
  • “Just because you are in the wilderness doesn't mean you have to be uncivilized.”

    — Dr. Steve DeGeorge on life in the dorms
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