Six tips on how to stay mentally healthy in college

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Written by: Katie Bragg, staff writer DAYTON, Tenn — Becoming a college student can change your life in many positive ways, but it also comes with massive amounts of stress. Recent studies show that mental health struggles due to stress are becoming a significant issue in colleges and universities. According to a study conducted by Read More

COVID-19’s Impact on Restaurant Servers

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Written by: Morgan Clark, staff writer Dayton, TENN.—COVID-19 has impacted nearly every aspect of the restaurant industry; however, while cooks and managers continue to make the same pay they did before the pandemic, restaurant servers and bartenders suffer both physically and financially.  Servers and bartenders are paid $2.13 an hour in Tenn. These individuals rely Read More

Getting Started in The Gym

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Written by: Aaron Attree, staff writer When most people decide to make lifestyle changes, the gym is an area that many want to find a rhythm in. For one reason or another, it can be difficult to begin in the gym. Finding a routine can be a struggle, especially when mental blocks are in the Read More

COVID-19: Adjusting to life in quarantine

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Written by: Kimberly McKernie, guest writer As concerts are postponed, sporting events are canceled, schools are closed and tourist hot spots are shut down, experts recommend that even those who show no sign of illness stay home during this time of a global pandemic.  Remaining inside is a good way to protect yourself and others Read More