Best Beaches for Spring Breakers

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Written by: Morgan Clark, staff writer DAYTON, TENN. — With spring break quickly approaching, college students are itching to travel; but with limited money and resources, where are the cheapest and safest locations for these students to visit? Ranging from Lousianna to the Caribbean, this article provides a list of price-conscious options.  New Orleans, La. Read More

Dayton Tennessee, coffee shops

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 Written by: Eleanor Sanford, staff writer Dayton, Tenn.– Dayton, Tennessee, is a rural town located 40 miles from Chattanooga. Downtown Dayton is filled with antique shops and locally owned businesses. In this area, there are two popular coffee shops located just two miles apart: Harmony House and Jennings Coffee and Tea. Harmony House is owned Read More

How Christians should approach social media

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Written by: Katie Bragg, staff writer DAYTON, Tenn– The modern world we live in is full of things that the Bible does not mention, and social media is one of them. The Bible does, however, give us clear instructions on how we are to communicate with others and on how we should represent ourselves as Read More

Social Media becoming the sole news source for Americans

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Written by: Eleanor Sanford Dayton, TENN. — Social media has been on the rise on a global scale since 2004, when the first version of Facebook was released. It began as a simple social site where people could follow their friends and post about their daily lives. Since that time, social media has expanded and Read More