Chase Atlantic Heat Things Up With Their “Cold Nights” Summer Tour, Featuring Newcomers Leah Kate and Xavier Mayne

Chase Atlantic’s lead singer, Mitchel Cave, performing during the Australian trios Cold Nights tour. Photo: @khough_ on twitter

Written by Hollee Workman, Entertainment Reporter

NASHVILLE, TN — On March 5, 2021, Chase Atlantic released their highly anticipated album Beauty in Death. Following the release of several singles afterwards, in May of 2022 they released their first deluxe edition of an album, adding a total of six new songs (three of which having been released between albums). To highlight this release and take advantage of their growing popularity, they announced their Cold Nights tour that would take place in North America from July 6th until Aug. 26.

On Aug. 4th 2022, the trio found themselves headlining a sold out show in Nashville at Marathon Music Works. 

Friend and collaborator Xavier Mayne and rising TikTok-based musician Leah Kate joined the special night. 

Xavier Mayne performing “Automatic”. Photo: Jade Makarova

First to the stage was a friend of Chase Atlantic, fellow Australian Xavier Mayne. Mayne had a few singles featuring Chase Atlantic in his discography, making him a perfect opener for one of Chase Atlantic’s biggest tours to date. 

Xavier played several of his newer songs from his freshly released TWENTY ONE EP, including “Automatic”, “Reaction” and “Peaches and Palm Trees.”

Leah Kate completing a fan’s heart during her set.  Photo: Malia Abbott

Following Mayne was rising TikTok based musician Leah Kate. Her tracklist includes the famous “Twinkle Twinkle” and “10 Things I Hate About You.”

Though her style differs immensely from Chase Atlantic and Xavier Mayne, it was a truly unique experience that somehow managed to compliment the show itself in a beautiful way. Of all three performances of the night, Kate was definitely the most interactive with her fans, frequently reaching out and taking hands or completing hearts.

When Chase Atlantic started their performance, it turned the whole venue into a party. Everyone was screaming the lyrics and jumping around, giving everyone a time to breathe and let all of their problems stay at the door. Chase Atlantic brought the crowd alive with several fan favorite songs from their discography. 

Chase Atlantic’s lead guitarist, Christian Anthony, during PARANOID. Photo: Jade Makarova

Australian trio Chase Atlantic have come a long way since their initial EP, Dalliance, in 2014. 

From various songs blowing up on social media outlets, such as TikTok, to their unique sound that blends rock and R&B with underlying dark alternative themes, this boy band have come far in their careers. 

Across all of their streaming platforms, Chase Atlantic have gathered over 200 million streams from all their albums and EPs. 

The band played several of their most popular songs, such as Chase Atlantic (2017)’s “Into It”, PHASES (2019)’s “TOO LATE”, and BEAUTY IN DEATH (2021)’s “Out the Roof”. Their setlist was perfectly crafted to give attendees the best, most fun night of their lives. 

There was so much energy in all the performers of the night. It was remarkable to see how everyone connected. People walked away with not just the joy of seeing their favorite band, but also making several new friends while waiting for the show to begin. 

Hollee Workman is a junior communications major at Bryan College with dreams to become an entertainment reporter and to travel the world. Besides journalistic writing, Hollee is a creative writer working on her third novella I Think I’m Lost Again among other creative projects.