Brooke Jones Profile

LJ Rowden Staff Writer

Brooke Jones Photo Credit: Bryan College

Name: Brookes Jones

Home: Franklin, TN.

Major: Christian Ministry (Pastoral)

School Year: Junior (Graduating May 2017)

Workplace: Sales Associate at Costco

Marital Status: Single

Brookes was born in Santa Rosa California and moved to Nashville at young age. He has resided in Nashville ever since. Brookes is a Christian and became a believer his freshman year of college.

Where does Brookes attend church? When he is at school he attends Calvary Chapel Chattanooga and when he is at home in Nashville he attends Ethos. They are both non-denomination churches.

What does Brookes like to do in his free time? In his free time he like to read, study scripture, hangout with friends, play Mario cart, baseball, and workout.

Favorite Book: Mere Christianity (C.S. Lweis)

Favorite Movie: Warrior

Sports: Brookes is a member of the Bryan College baseball team. This year has been a great year for him as he has been the starting left fielder for the Lions. He wears number seven and hits in the lineup anywhere from 5th to 7th. He has been a really good add to the lineup this year for the Lions.

Brookes is a very influential man here on campus at Bryan College. What I mean by that is that he has made a difference in a lot of people lives just by sharing what Christ has done in his life. He had a radical transformation and now is Christian Ministry and plans on becoming a pastor after college. He desire is to serve Christ and making a difference in the lives of other through Christ Jesus.

Currently: Brookes is a leader for 828. 828 is a bible study that meets on Thursday night at 828. This group is very unique and different that anything that is on campus. The bible study meets together as one big group and then after the study they split up into small groups. Small group is what sets the bible study apart from other things on campus. There are five guy leader and three girl leaders that are involved in 828.

Future Plans: Brookes plans on being a pastor after college. He has previously interned at Cross Point Church in Nashville Tennessee and is interning this upcoming summer at another church in Nashville called Ethos. He plans to reside in Nashville after college. He believes that is where he fits best for the ministry and that is where he plans on serving.