United to Perform at Bryan College

Written by Charles McElyea, Sports Writer

On February Ninth, Bryan College will host Passion City Church band for their “United at Bryan” event. Bryan announced this over the 2023-24 Christmas break to both the college and the surrounding community Passion City will lead a night of worship, revival, and a festival lasting most of the evening.

Bryan College, every semester, has an event that reaches out to prospective high school students.  These events have always had a focus on the Bryan community and academics. This year Bryan decided they wanted to focus on what is most important to every single student, Jesus.  Director of Christian Formation, L.J. Rowden, is the one who was able to link Bryan with Passion City. Rowden knows the drummer for Passion. He used to go to church with him at Brainerd Baptist in Chattanooga, TN.

“I know Cody from Brainerd Baptist and so we were thinking about what it would be like this, like United at Bryan on campus. Cody popped in my mind and I was like man, if we could do this and have Passion that would be really cool,” L.J. said. “Who you know matters and networking is important. Just having that relationship and knowing Cody, I just reached out to him, and they had the open date. So, he said yeah we will come on down.”

Rowden spoke about the hopes Bryan has for this event. He wants high school students to see Bryan as a place of relationships, whether that’s with students, staff, faculty, or most importantly, God. 

“I think my hope is that, depending on what time they get on campus, is that they get to experience, or see, the relationship that students have with staff,” Rowden said. “I love our students and I think there is something unique and special about Bryan College, between the students, faculty and staff and their relationship.”

Bryan wants students to see the college as a place were they can worship freely with other students. Rowden also spoke about trying to make this an annual event for Bryan. He wants this to be something that leads people to Bryan, and ultimately to Jesus.