Rick Taphorn

Bryan endorsed by AiG as “creation college”

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By Ashley Coker Managing Editor  Bryan College has recently made its way onto Answers in Genesis’ list of “creation colleges.” Inclusion in the list means that the institution’s president has submitted written agreement with AiG’s Statement of Faith, which prominently features a literal interpretation of Genesis. Vice President of Finance Rick Taphorn said he came Read More

Renovations spruce up Summers Gymnasium

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By Meredith Sexton Editor-in-Chief Summers Gymnasium now boasts 104 new seats, at no cost to the college. Around two-thirds of the money was donated from an anonymous alumnus who played basketball during his time at Bryan. The rest of the funds came from several smaller donations. According to Rick Taphorn, vice president of finance, the Read More

Enrollment increase needed for Huston reopening

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By Meredith Sexton Editor-in-Chief  Huston Residence Hall is scheduled to reopen if there are enough students in the fall semester. According to Tim Hostetler, vice president of student services and ministries, they should be able to complete priority renovations in time for the new school year, including upgrading the vanity areas in each of the Read More