Bryan endorsed by AiG as “creation college”

By Ashley Coker
Managing Editor 

Bryan College has recently made its way onto Answers in Genesis’ list of “creation colleges.”

Screenshot of AiG's list of creation colleges
Screenshot of AiG’s list of creation colleges

Inclusion in the list means that the institution’s president has submitted written agreement with AiG’s Statement of Faith, which prominently features a literal interpretation of Genesis.

Vice President of Finance Rick Taphorn said he came across AiG’s list while researching their website this summer and felt that Bryan should be included.

To be considered for the list, each school must request an invitation, then complete an application process.

Taphorn said it was a “basic application” that required President Stephen Livesay to be in agreement with AiG’s Statement of Faith.

Livesay said he was glad to answer AiG’s questions during the application process and is “delighted” that Bryan has been added to their list.

“Bryan has always been a strong creationist school, and I think we should be recognized as such by all theological and creationist organizations,” Livesay said.

While the president’s agreement with AiG’s Statement of Faith does not guarantee that all the school’s professors and course materials take that same stance, the list does provide a short list for parents to research,  according to AiG.

Admitted organizations can either pay to have their logo featured on AiG’s “Creation College’s home page” or select a free static listing, which Bryan did.

AiG’s list is comprised of 60 Bible institutes, colleges, universities and seminaries, including Livesay’s alma mater, Bob Jones University, and nearby Tennessee Temple University.

An Answers in Genesis recruiter will be on campus Thursday, March 5.