BFC Haiti trip postponed due to dangerous riots

1 year ago Triangle 0

Written by Samantha Burgess, managing editor

The Break for Change trip to Haiti is postponed due to the danger of Haitian riots.

The riots started due to accusations against the Haitian president claiming that he embezzled a large amount of money from the government, said Abigail Brown, graduate assistant and co-leader of the trip. The Haitian people are rioting as a final call for the president to step down from power. In addition to riots, armed robberies have become an issue and the roads are frequently blocked, making transportation of resources difficult or impossible.

“The riots would make it unsafe for us to travel to and from the airport,” said sophomore Peter Urban. “The location we would be staying at would be relatively safe, but the chance of being stuck there was high.”

The BFC group plans to reschedule the trip over fall break or during spring break of 2020, depending on the outcome of the riots.

The group had planned to volunteer at local orphanages, completing needed tasks and forming relationships with the children. They would’ve also worked with Haiti Made through Enactus, a company that makes handmade hats and accessories. Enactus has worked with Haiti Made for the past few years, and are creating a leather conditioner for them to produce and sell. Haiti Made were the ones who encouraged the group to cancel the trip.

“Although I am very disappointed that the trip has been postponed, I am thankful that everyone involved with Haiti Made and its sister organization are safe at the moment,” said Brown.

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