Ichiro Calls It After 19 Year Major League Career

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Ichiro Suzuki, known exclusively by only his first name ‘Ichiro’, has been a Hall-of-Fame-caliber player in Major League Baseball since 2001 and is retiring at the age of 45. The probable first-ballot hall of famer began his American career with the Seattle Mariners, until later playing in Miami and New York, before returning to Seattle Read More

Bryan College’s New Theatre Director

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The only lights on in Alexis Landry’s office are lamps, bathing the large room in warmth. She looks at home in the room, a small woman in a big chair behind a big desk. Her red hair is nearly always pulled back into a tight ponytail, with barrettes and bobby pins smoothing back any stray Read More

PROFILE: George Wood

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           Imagine relearning how to walk, read, write, and brush your teeth at the age of nine. For 18-year-old George Wood, this isn’t hard to imagine. When Wood was nine, he suffered a brain injury that caused his white blood cells to turn on his own immune system and begin attacking his body. He lost his Read More

OSL making changes to reach more students

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Written by Samantha Burgess, assistant editor The Office of Student Life is in the process of moving staff to new positions in the attempt to reach more students. Tim Shetter, starting next semester, is expanding his role as Assistant Dean of Student Life to include intramurals, the commuter program and campus events. Nick Pacurari will Read More