Dayton Tennessee, pop up flower shop

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Written by: Eleanor Sanford, staff writer DAYTON, Tenn. – Love is in the air as Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. Every store in Dayton, Tennessee, is filling up with heart-shaped items and red roses.  I recently met a local business owner, Lacey Raburn, who owns Raburn Acres. Raburn Acres is a local flower farm and Read More

Social Media becoming the sole news source for Americans

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Written by: Eleanor Sanford Dayton, TENN. — Social media has been on the rise on a global scale since 2004, when the first version of Facebook was released. It began as a simple social site where people could follow their friends and post about their daily lives. Since that time, social media has expanded and Read More

Six tips on how to stay mentally healthy in college

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Written by: Katie Bragg, staff writer DAYTON, Tenn — Becoming a college student can change your life in many positive ways, but it also comes with massive amounts of stress. Recent studies show that mental health struggles due to stress are becoming a significant issue in colleges and universities. According to a study conducted by Read More

RC3 & Red Sand: Benefitting the Rhea County community

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Written by: Morgan Clark, staff writer DAYTON, Tenn– Rhea County Community Center participated in the Red Sand Project to raise awareness for human trafficking and exploitation.  The Red Sand Project is a countrywide phenomenon that began in Miami, Fla. Molly Gochman launched the program by filling in sidewalk cracks throughout the city with red sand, Read More