Dayton Tennessee, pop up flower shop

Written by: Eleanor Sanford, staff writer

DAYTON, Tenn. – Love is in the air as Valentine’s day is quickly approaching. Every store in Dayton, Tennessee, is filling up with heart-shaped items and red roses. 

I recently met a local business owner, Lacey Raburn, who owns Raburn Acres. Raburn Acres is a local flower farm and florist that has been in Dayton for the past three years. 

I met Lacey at a pop-up flower shop hosted at Jennings Coffee & Tea. She brought in six buckets filled with colorful bouquets, and people began rolling in. Within 30 minutes, she had sold out. 

Lacey has a pop-up shop every Thursday morning from 10:30-12:30 at Jennings. 

She and her family have a farm where they plant and grow all their own flowers, which she crafts into some amazing bouquets and sells to the community. 

Lacy is currently working on creating her own workshop, she used to create all the bouquets from her kitchen counter, but as of January, she said, “I went from selling 15-20 bouquets each week to selling 50-60 every week.” 

She just opened a self-serve mini flower stand across from the golf course in Dayton. 

Lacey has an incredible eye for creating different types of bouquets for any type of event. 

Eleanor Sanford is a Senior at Bryan College majoring in Communications, Media, and Culture. She is an intern for the Leadership and Culture Department at Bryan College. She loves to travel and lived in Australia.