Several student services get facelift for fall 2015

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By Bria McKamey
Online Editor

The campus bookstore will be relocating to the first floor of Mercer next fall, according to Tim Hostetler, vice president of student services and ministries.

The bookstore will be situated next to the mail room and both areas will be jointly staffed.

He said the move is a very sequential process that will be accomplished in a few separate steps.

First of all, students can also look forward to overhauls in both the Subzone and game room. After the campus store is transferred to Mercer, the Subzone will be expanded to fill the empty area previously occupied by the bookstore.

This section will feature a larger dining area, complete with booths added for extra seating and drop-down lighting.

Hostetler said the bookstore will have a different look and feel. For example, the it will feature a closing gate similar to those found in shopping malls, which will leave the store more open to students.

In addition, the Subzone will feature several new menu items, from “gourmet burgers,” with a variety of toppings available, to milkshakes.

There will still be meal exchange options for students that will not require an extra fee, according to Hostetler.

The game room will be moved into the current Subzone space. There will be two 8×9 foot doors between both rooms, allowing more access.

Hostetler added that there was tentative talk about also adding a stage to the future game room area.

Finally, the Office of Student Life will be expanding into the current game room, allowing more space for the various departments operating out of OSL. The renovations will begin soon after graduation.

These upgrades are coming after a recent contract renewal with Pioneer, who is providing the funds for the project. After Bryan renewed the contract, the school began planning for the coming changes to the Latimer Student Center.

“Pioneer is a great partner to make all this happen and I am pumped to see how things are received in just a few months,” said AJ Caudill, food services director.

He said that the transitions and upgrades have been “quite extensive.” There have been several rough drafts made to try to find the perfect balance of design and flow of food production. The redesign of the Subzone and game room will take into account the current size of Bryan, while also allowing for an increase of students.

“The area that I have a feeling will be the biggest hit is the night scene in the SubZone in general,” he said. “It can be a happening place now for sure, but a space that is more intentional will create a place you would want to be in the evenings to create some pretty righteous memories.”

The cafeteria will also feature several renovations, including new menu items and digital signage, but Caudill said “surprises are a good thing.”

SGA has also spoken with Hostetler to offer more student input and encourage student-faculty cooperation.

“We have been talking about this since early last semester. They’ve given a lot of student input,” he said.

Drew Morrison, student body vice president, said the whole SGA executive cabinet has been involved in the process and that it has been a neat opportunity to watch administration be intentional with incorporating student involvement.

“I want to give the admin credit. This has been so encouraging to me, not only as a student here but also as a human being,” Morrison said. “The renovations will change the dynamic on campus, but in a positive way.”