SpaceX Launches First American Spacecraft for Astronauts since Space Shuttle

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Written by: Mathäus Schwarzen, staff writer American space launch company SpaceX successfully performed an unmanned test launch of their Crew Dragon capsule from the Kennedy Space Center on March 2. The Falcon 9 rocket carrying the capsule blasted off at 2:49 a.m. (E.T.), and the capsule docked with the International Space Station at 5:51 a.m. the Read More

Q Union Takes on Bryan College

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Written by: Rylee Evans, staff writer   The Worldview Fellows hosted an event called Q Union where speakers got broadcasted nationally to help students engage in society’s difficult conversations.   They hosted it in the Rhea County Room on February 28, setting the mood with soft music and lamp lighting. The room filled with a Read More

College to Career: Journalism

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Written by Samantha Burgess, managing editor As your senior year looms closer, so does the reality of having to get a job in the real world. The idea of developing a life long career after college is intimidating.   To help ease this fear, here is a list of tips from the editors of the Read More

BFC Haiti trip postponed due to dangerous riots

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Written by Samantha Burgess, managing editor The Break for Change trip to Haiti is postponed due to the danger of Haitian riots. The riots started due to accusations against the Haitian president claiming that he embezzled a large amount of money from the government, said Abigail Brown, graduate assistant and co-leader of the trip. The Read More