“You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” Presented by Bryan College Hilltop Players

Photos: Alexis Marsh

Written By Cameron Wisniewski, News Reporter

DAYTON, TN – Bryan College’s Hilltop players presented “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” on Thursday, Nov. 10th through Saturday, Nov. 13th. It was shown in Rudd auditorium and was directed by Alexis Marsh.

The audition process started with having potential candidates sing music from the show. After candidates were approved for singing, callbacks involved dialogue from the actual show. Only Hunter Landreth, playing Charlie Brown, and Dana Rice, playing Lucy Van Pelt, have previously participated in plays for the Hilltop Players. Maddy Fournier, playing Sally Brown, is a double major in theater, as is Rice. The other members of the cast were Andrew Morris as Linus Van Pelt, Ben Paul as Schroeder, and Caleb Mulligan as Snoopy.

The cast was also asked about how the small size of the cast affected the production. The cast said that the smaller group put more pressure on the actors, as each person had to make every rehearsal and be at top form. “We all have to be on all the time, because we’re constantly interchanging scenes, which is helpful because no one gets too distracted,” said Rice. 

While the entire play was spectacular, one of the best was the song “It’s Suppertime”. “I think my favorite part in the actual show isn’t actually one I’m in very much, and it’s ‘It’s Suppertime’, just because of how silly and over the top it is,” said Landreth.

However, the cast liked the small group overall, stating that they felt like they had become much closer than if they had more people in the cast. “We’re all friends. It makes rehearsal more fun, but we all have to be really good,” said Fournier.

The Hilltop Players will be presenting “The Great Divorce” next year, on February 17th and 18th. Dana Rice will be directing and organizing “The Great Divorce” for her senior project. Anyone who is interested in joining the play should contact Alexis Marsh to audition. “The Great Divoroce” is open to all majors.

Cameron Wisniewski is a junior communications major at Bryan College. He is from Georgia, and likes to read and play video games in his spare time.