Winter Fashion with Emily Hutson

Written By: Emily Hutson

     As much as I hate to admit it, fall is quickly leaving us and in its place we are greeted by the frigid air of winter. With the drop in temperatures comes a whole new level of warm fashion. As the holidays approach, it is the perfect time to bring out all those great pieces that have been hiding in the closet all year.

    screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-30-36-pm  Even though the pictured sweater is a typical fall color, it can also make the perfect transition for winter, and it could be traded for a more traditional Christmas colored one. Both the scarf and boots could make the outfit feel like the perfect winter look. (Nothing says winter quite like a nice pair of boots with furry socks.)

      With Christmas right around the corner, this outfit could be perfect for so many holiday gathering: Christmas dinner, shopping with friends, or lunch with the family. I could definitely see myself wearing this for my own Christmas day dinner with my family.

      screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-30-55-pmThis outfit can be worn with or without the blanket scarf. The blanket scarf does eliminate the need for many accessories because it is so big. (To wear a blanket scarf, you simply fold in a triangle and wrap the ends around you.)  Still, it does provide a bit of extra warmth for those of you, myself included, that are cold blooded. They are also wildly popular right now, and come in all different colors and patterns.

        I would also suggest a warm coat because this sweater may look warm but I was still cold. The shirt underneath has a lace-up front and bell sleeves. It could work for spring, fall and winter. I will say bell sleeves are hard to get in this sweater, but it was worth the struggle.

I have to rave about the pockets on this sweater. Sweaters without pockets are just wrong and should be avoided at all costs. Let’s face it, they’re handy and essential to the value of the sweater.

        I will have to say winter is one of my favorite times for fashion. Coats as well as scarves can make or break the entire outfit. Not only can layers, coats, and scarves be functional, but they can also be stylish. Not all stylish coats or scarves will be warm, but most are.

        This is not to say that clothes should be bought on style factor alone. The main purpose isn’t to look cute, but to be protected and covered. Remember, after the fall of humankind in the persons Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (the book of Genesis chapter 3), clothes and accessories were made by God himself to protect and cover, but deeper still, as a sign of forgiveness and redemption. Today, clothes should be both for protection and a modest covering. As women, or men, we shouldn’t be forced to chose between function and style but often times that is the case.

       As Christmas and winter approaches, I hope your outfits are both warm and stylish for whatever occasion. May your holiday season be filled with light and cheer.