Why we love the Holidays

Written By: Morgan Renninger

      As the seasons are getting colder and the month of December approaches, everyone is excited for the biggest holiday of the year, Christmas. What exactly do we love about this season? More specifically, what do Millennials love most about the Christmas season? In a new age of consumerism and a new generation, the meaning and expectations for Christmas have changed. Most people tend to lean toward the materialistic appeal. After interviewing Bryan students, it was pleasing to find that there was more to Christmas for them than presents under the tree.img_9170

      An overwhelming majority of people lit up when they mentioned they loved the grand decorations and the display of lights on people’s houses. The festive music, both traditional and new, made the top of the list as well, along with preparations for the cold, such as cozy sweaters and delicious hot chocolate.  

      Inevitably when asked, people will begin to describe family traditions. Some people will tell you of how they decorate, the cookies they bake, or who puts the star on the Christmas tree. Others will say how they go caroling, read the story of Christmas, or any number of traditions. One student described how they go to their grandparent’s house every Christmas Eve for a dinner and family fun. They said, “It’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas.”

    “I love having people in the house, laughter, hearing everybody’s’ stories, spending time with my family, and giving presents to my dogs” Alyssa Swann recounted.

     “Relaxing with my family is my favorite thing. I don’t get many extended breaks so I take them where I can” Jacob Funk explains. “Who wouldn’t want to [spend time with family]” a passing student adds. As these students highlight, family and quality time with loved ones is one of the greatest parts of Christmas.

      One student, Katelyn Scott, mentioned she loved the atmosphere of the Christmas season. In particular, the willingness to give and the unity that is brought about by this holiday. She harkened back to famous WWI story. On Christmas Day, both sides called for a cease fire and spent the day with the people they had been fighting. This event embodies the Christmas spirit, one of love and remembrance.

      Even though people love to receive, they still love what money could never buy. Students here at Bryan    college love to be with family, to spend time with friends, and to hear stories and laughter.

    While many  would suggest this generation only cares about what they can acquire, the response from students all across campus proves this theory wrong. This is a time to spend time with family and to celebrate the birth of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.