Written by Jordan Hubbard, staff writer

DAYTON, TN – Welcome Week 2022 started off on January 10 to get the student body excited about the upcoming spring semester at Bryan College. The week was filled with events that allowed students to engage with one another and forget the stress of school 

The week started off with the Bonfire Bash on Monday night in the Grassy Bowl.  Students were able to make s’mores and fellowship with each other. The bonfire allowed students to have fun and stay warm despite the frigid temperatures.

Tuesday night brought dorm versus dorm dodgeball held at the Practice Gym. Residents on campus were able to represent their building and compete against the other resident halls on campus. This event was perfect for those students who enjoy being competitive and working as a team.

Wednesday night was the most popular event, roller skating. Crystal Springs Skating in Graysville, TN welcomed Bryan College students for a fun night of skating and laughter. The skating rink made it feel like you were taken back in time to the 1980s. Kyla Phillips, a freshman, said “Everybody was running into each other which allowed you to meet new people. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.”

Thursday night was cinnamon rolls, a club fair, and games in the Grill. This was the most easy-going event of the week. Students could drop by and grab a cinnamon roll while browsing the different clubs represented at the fair. For those interested in competing, there was a ping pong tournament happening at the same time. 

The final event of the welcome week was karaoke night. Karaoke night was hosted in the cafeteria and was a great way to end the welcome week. Students were able to showcase their vocal abilities by singing their hearts out to their favorite songs. This event provided a way for students to decompress in a fun way after the first week of the spring semester.

Marybeth Dicks, a freshman, said “I feel like the welcome week last semester didn’t go as well because people were intimidated but it was much better this semester.”

If you have any questions or ideas regarding student events you can contact Eleanor Sanford, Coordinator of Student Engagement, at esanford6381@bryan.edu or you can stop by her office in Latimer 200H.

Jordan Hubbard is a freshman communications major and business minor at Bryan College. She is from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and loves to read, write, and hike