Valentine’s Day on a Budget: 12 tips for couples, 5 tips for singles

Written by: Rylee Evans, assistant editor

“Ask Rylee” is an advice column written by staff writer Rylee Evans. Evans is a sophomore communication major with a digital media option and a biblical study minor at Bryan College. She is from Pikeville, Tenn. and graduated from Bledsoe County High School. She plays soccer for Bryan and enjoys spending time with her friends and family, hunting and fishing.

In this “Ask Rylee” article, Rylee answers the question “How can I celebrate Valentine’s Day when I’m broke?”

Flowers, chocolate, fancy dinners, confessions, promises: Valentine’s day can be a day full of high expectations. For some, it can be overwhelming and stressful; however, it doesn’t have to be. You can make that special someone feel important without breaking the bank. 

Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day on a budget.

  1. Have an inside picnic.

Valentine’s Day is usually a cold day, so an outside picnic would not be fun. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a romantic picnic. Make a place in front of the fireplace with some candles and a blanket. Play soft music to help lighten the mood. You could even dance after the meal. 
2. Write a heartfelt poem or note.

There’s no greater gesture than expressing your love through words (maybe I just think that because my love language is words of affirmation). You may not be very poetic, but going out of your way to document your feelings shows a greater appreciation. 

3. Give a thoughtful (not expensive) gift.

Maybe your significant other has been talking about something they’ve wanted. Maybe they need a new phone charger or more socks. You can get them a gift that shows you pay attention and listen to them. Chocolates and flowers are nice, but you should expand off of that with a more thoughtful gift. 
4. Burn a CD.

Yes, I know, CD’s are out of date. However, making a playlist of songs that make you think of your special person is a great way to show you care. It could be romantic songs, your favorite jam songs or just good road trip songs. 

5. Make homemade goodies.

My grandma always told me that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m convinced women are not much different. Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies or get creative and make a fancy dessert or snack.
6. Have a movie marathon.

Put on some pajamas, pop some popcorn, and cuddle up to binge-watch all the best romantic movies. You could watch each other’s favorite movies or you could spice it up and watch scary movies. 

7. Make a coupon book. 

I would look on Pinterest for creative ideas on a coupon book. Passes for a foot massage, dinner, hugs and kisses, help with chores or homework, etc. Be careful with this one. Don’t make a coupon for something you wouldn’t want to do (don’t make yourself do too much work).

8. Go Dancing.

You could go to a dance class or just look it up on YouTube. Learn new dance moves and show them off the next time your favorite song comes on. 
9. Make dinner together.

Either go to a cooking class or stay at home. Make a full course meal (appetizers and desserts). This can be a dual-purpose activity. You can see how the other person could help in the kitchen and if they are a good cook. 
10. Paint or make art.

Even if you are not the artistic type, it would be a fun activity to make each other artwork. It could either go really well or just be a good laugh. 
11. Ice Skating or Roller Skating.

Just like the Hallmark movies. You can help hold each other up on a pair of wheels or blades. 
12. Do something of your significant other’s. interest. 

If your significant other enjoys playing video games, show an interest and play video games with them. Nothing means more than having the person you love to support you in what you are passionate about. 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be exclusively for couples. If you are single, February 14 can be a fun, exciting day for you as well. 

Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for singles.

  1. Babysit for a couple out on the town.

Maybe you know a married couple who never gets a break. There is great joy in helping others and spending time with kids. 
2. Watch movies featuring your celebrity crush. 

Channing Tatum. Need I say more? 

3. Take advantage of holiday sales.

February 15 is the day to run to the store for discounted chocolate. 
4. Celebrate with your friends or family. 

Don’t spend Valentine’s Day alone. Go spend time with friends or family. You could even host a Galentine’s party with your gal pals (single or not). 
5. Give others a valentine’s gift. 

Bringing other people joy brings you joy. Give the important people in your life a gift of appreciation. 

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*Note: this article expresses the ideas and opinions of the author and is not a reflection of the views of the Triangle or Bryan College as a whole.