Upcoming homecoming week events

Written by: Devin Burrow, managing editor

DAYTON, Tenn.— Bryan College’s homecoming activities are under new management this year and have a new look. 

Homecoming has usually been in the hands of the student government association, but has been transferred to Assistant Dean Tim Shetter’s student event council (SEC). The homecoming events are being headed by Morgan Saunders, a junior and a member of the SEC.

“My hope for these dress up days is for students to get involved, have fun and make fun memories that they can look back on,” Saunders said. “And to see how we contributed to the Bryan College legacy.”

 Each day of the week of Sept. 30 through Oct. 4 will have a designated dress up category. 

Monday: “Presidents Day”

On Monday, faculty, staff and students have the opportunity to dress up as a president. A fun idea may be to dress up as Dr. Stephen Livesay, president of Bryan College. Another idea is to follow a more traditional approach and dress up as a prior or current U.S. president. 

Tuesday: “Decades Day”

Every decade has their fashion trend. The 1970s have afros and bellbottoms. The 1980s have colorful tights and gold chains. The 1990s have denim and more denim. And the 2000s have hawaiian shirts and bedazzled jeans. Have fun and enjoy dressing up from your favorite decade!

Wednesday: “Fictional Character Day”

In the promotional video for homecoming week, junior Rachel Griffin dressed up as Peter Pan, sporting a green shirt and hat with a feather in it. This is just one example of something you could do for this dress up day!

Thursday: “Twin Day”

Bryan College has just a few identical and fraternal twins, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend for a day. Grab your bestfriend (or anyone for that matter) and dress up in the same clothes! You might already share some similar outfits with someone, but if you don’t, take a trip to Walmart and buy some cheap clothes with that college kid budget!

Friday: “Spirit Day”

Bryan College men’s soccer team

This is the day to go all out. Wear any red or gold shirt and any Bryan swag you have to express your pride in being a Bryan Lion! Spend all day celebrating homecoming and then enjoy a bonfire at night at Bryan’s newest event, BC Blaze. 

Student body president and senior Andrew Appel commented on the dress up days stating, “Twin day will be fun, but I’m especially excited about spirit day. Red and gold are two of my favorite colors after all.”

The homecoming games will be on Saturday, Oct. 5 with a special presentation of the homecoming court. Voting is going on the week of Sept. 23 – Sept. 27 outside of the cafeteria and the Rhea County room. Election results will be announced at the funnel cake night operated by Bryan College residence life on Sept. 30. 

Devin Burrow is the managing editor for BryanTriangle.com. He is a senior communications major with an emphasis in digital media. Devin serves as a resident assistant and senior class male senator at Bryan College.