Turner nears first publication

Dr. Ken Turner finished writing his first book / Photo courtesy of estudent

Ricky Angel
Guest Writer

After four years of research and writing, Dr. Ken Turner has finally completed and published his dissertation, titling it “The Death of Deaths in the Death of Israel: Deuteronomy’s Theology of Exile.” In his work Turner interacts with many current biblical issues such as language, theology, and other Old Testament issues, but his main focus of study is on the book of Deuteronomy and the meaning of exile. In particular, Turner examines Israel’s exile and restoration as a nation, and its connection to the death and resurrection of Christ.

“One of my favorite parts about writing the book was how it brought a lot of issues together,” said Turner. “It talks about how to read big picture theology, and it’s focused on a biblical text. It’s hard to find a dissertation focused on a biblical text these days.”

The book highlights Israel’s exile as reflection on the spiritual death of man. God promised Israel restoration after the nation had been exiled, and this covenant reprents God’s promise of eternal life after death to mankind.

While the book is available to the public, it’s not an “easy read” by any means because it is filled with in-depth analysis and discussion meant mostly for the minds of experienced biblical scholars.

“I mean, it’s basically a re-work of my dissertation, so it’s really for the Bible nerds,” laughed Turner. “Put it this way, I refuse to dedicate it to my wife because she refuses to read it.”

One of the biggest obstacles that Turner faced while writing the book was trying to manage something that touched on so many different aspects of Christianity. “It was really hard to organize it, and to put the pieces together, “said Turner. “I had no idea what my conclusions were going to be at first, but thankfully [his research] lead me to a place that was good.”

The book will soon be available in the bookstore on campus.