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Written By: Nathan Ecarma

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-8-05-40-pmThis summer, 14 Bryan students traveled around the world participating in the Acts Project internship. These students were given the opportunity to show and share the Gospel across various cultures around the world, including, Africa, India, Spain, Ireland, and Israel.

The ACTS Project director, Eric McEachron said, “The ACTS Project is a way for us to allow students to experience God’s work around the world in an area they’re studying that really furthers them as disciples and broadens their vision and gives them some professional experience and ministry experience as well.”

Bryan students, Dakota Thacker, senior and Christian Ministry major served in India with Word for the World. Jubilee Lofgren, a senior, majoring in Biblical Studies spent this past summer in Zambia, Africa.

   For part of her trip, Lofgren said she “worked with a house for girls, who were vulnerable. Some forced into marriages, and parents can sell their daughters for bride price.”

“There were four girls there I would eat supper with, and then do their program, which was a Bible study,” said Lofgren.

    Lofgren said, “God can use you in ways you don’t expect, He taught me a lot about prayer.”

Thacker expected great things, but was let down.

Thacker said, “Instead of being bitter about my circumstances, I poured my time into books and the Bible, and my prayer life. I prayed more this summer than I’ve prayed in my life. Thacker said, “ I prayed for others and my relationship grew. I found joy in prayer.”

The ACTS Project provides a vocational internship for students in an international mission’s context, which in turn influences students professionally and spiritually.

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