Worldly justice or biblical justice?

By: Everett Kirkman

Staff Writer

Justice is a word often misconstrued and defined by persons to suit their own interests. How can one word be interpreted with so many different definitions?

The concept of justice is viewed differently everywhere you go. No two cultures across time or space agree completely on where this definition of fairness comes from. Some, like Plato, believe it to be a divine command from God. Others such as John Locke believe it to be a natural law, while still others claim it comes from a mutual agreement of all parties involved. Yet according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, justice is the legal or philosophical theory by which fairness is administered.

In years past, it seemed relatively simple, the majority of people in society agreed that it was divine law which dictated fairness, divine law being a word passed down from God for use by man, thus fulfilling two of the three categories of personal definition. Life carried on like this for centuries before it came to this modern era with modern young people known as millennials.

Millennials are known for rocking the boat, being unconventional and just downright annoying on some if not all levels of life. From bad job habits, to bad party habits, to bad political views and habits, millennials have a bad reputation. Their definition of justice is likewise just as bad. Not because it’s right or wrong, but because it is unclear; confined to none of the three conventional definitions of justice. The Women’s March movement has no clear definition of justice, nor do they mention it in their six page document of beliefs. The Black Lives Matter simply states.

“Restorative Justice, We are committed to collectively, lovingly and courageously working vigorously for freedom and justice for Black people and, by extension all people. As we forge our path, we intentionally build and nurture a beloved community that is bonded together through a beautiful struggle that is restorative, not depleting.” Despite their mention of justice, the BLM movement does not define their form of justice. BLM’s website only states that they (BLM) are fighting for justice, specifically Restorative Justice. No other mention of justice, or what their definition of justice is, is made on their web page.

As a caution to all people, young and old alike be careful how you define justice. As Christians we know that all truth and justice is God breathed and rock solid in its integrity and validity. All christians should be able to defend not just our faith but every facet of that faith. That includes our definition of terms like justice, salvation, grace, and truth.

Everett Kirkman is an English major with a focus on creative writing. He has widely varied interests which include politics, and adventures in travel and the outdoors. Everett has no idea what he is doing with his life or his future, and writes solely for the enjoyment of it. Everett can many times be found in the library on a couch or beneath a tree writing about anything under the sun. You can contact him at or follow him on FaceBook as Everett