The last will and testament of Susie Herder

Bryan Triangle offered to publish the Last Will and Testament of any interested seniors graduating this December. The following is from Susie Herder:


164718I, Susanna “Susie” Herder, being of sound mind do solemnly bequeath the following:

Kristin Hall- 1.) Run of Common Grounds 2.) Run of Banquets

Elizabeth Cawthorne- The esteemed title of “Frappe Master”

Madison Cothran- Female Worldview Initiative Intern (represent the gentle sex well!)

Naomi Lee- 1.) Run of Harmony House 2.) Esteemed title of “Top Coffee Addict”

Noah Lee and Jonah Newport- Nothing, because you already own this campus.

Jack Saunders- 1.) Return of the esteemed title of “Bryan College’s favorite commuter” 2.) Saying “No”

Ben Ross- 1.) Sleep 2.) A Sound Mind

Melissa Shaffer- The vital role and title of “Ben Ross’s on-campus mother”

Molly Underwood- 1.) Speaking your mind 2.) Beyonce Level Boss Status

Juliet Spiekerman- Passion for Justice

Deedee Bittenbender- A friendly feminist streak

Turner Olson- 7am Harmony House dates with Jessalyn Pierce

Kaziah Newport- Jessalyn Pierce’s spare bed

Abigail Taylor- The vital role of supplying Jessalyn Pierce with very dark chocolate

Jessalyn Pierce- A made bed

Long 1st- An open invitation to Area #51 (aka my apartment) in Chattanooga

To all of my professors, you’ve given me more than I could ever return. Thank you for teaching me to think and love learning. To the staff of Bryan College thank you for your consistent graciousness and generosity. To the rest of my fellow students, thank you for being my friends and a source of encouragement. I pray I’ve been a piece of what you’ve been to me. 


Susie Herder