The Call for Christian Satire Labeling

Written by: Roy G. Biv

This is a call for all the Christian satirists out there to start acting responsibly.

Comforting a poor soul, I realized enough was enough. “This trend of Christians utilizing satire for making cultural observations about truth has gotten out of hand,” she said through her tears. After realizing that her favorite source of news was made-up, satire, she wept. “Don’t they know who reads this stuff?” she said. “They should definitely label these articles with large red letters so that people won’t misunderstand!” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that red letters might not be the best of color choices.

However, it is disturbing that Christian satire doesn’t come with more disclaimers than it does. In a recent study, it was shown that Christians placed higher on the Gallup Gullibility Scale (GGS) than any other group in the entire world. Will U. Quitit, President of Barnum, said that the results were “extraordinarily surprising.” Again he said, “I would have thought that a group of people who have been made fun of so much would be a little more aware of what they were reading.”

Yes, labels have been utilized to some extent, but the need for more clear labeling increases because more satiric articles are being produced. One man interviewed suggested that instead of simply putting (Satire) in the title of a piece, they should put it before, after, above, and under the title, as well as, at the beginning and end of the article. Still another interviewee suggested making it a law to title all satire pieces with the words “THIS IS FAKE NEWS!!!”

Whatever the measures taken, there is no doubt that the government should implement strong restrictions on the use of satire within the Christian web space.


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