Landing your dream job: tips on resumes and job interviews

2 years ago Triangle 0
Written by: Samantha Burgess, editor in chief While college may give you the skills necessary for your dream job, the actual job search process can seem pretty scary to most students.  Director of Career Services at Bryan College Luke Morris provides some useful tips for how to build a resume and enter into a job Read More

Social Media is not Your Friend

3 years ago Triangle 0
Written by Josh Bianchi, philosophy and culture correspondent In a dark dorm room, a sleep deprived student is busy speed writing an assignment that they should’ve started much earlier. In spite of their need for hurry, a small black box next to their laptop keeps crying for attention. It does this every few minutes. When Read More

The anxiety of validation: How social media affects our mental health

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Written by: Samantha Burgess, managing editor Imagine that you just posted a cool photo to Instagram or tweeted a witty statement. You stare at your post waiting for someone to like and comment. To your disappointment the post gets hardly any attention. After a while you frown, setting your phone aside. You begin to wonder Read More