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Bryan theatre students prepare to take on “The Case of the Crushed Petunias” by Tennessee Williams

7 months ago Triangle 0
Written by: Katie Bragg, staff writer  DAYTON, Tenn.—A lot happens behind the scenes in Bryan College theatre. The theatre students have been preparing “The Case of the Crushed Petunias,” a one-act play written by American dramatist and playwright Tennessee Williams. The play features a young girl, Miss Dorothy Simple, who prefers to reside alone behind Read More

The Apple Tree Review: A great performance of an incomplete musical

2 years ago Triangle 0
Written by: Jake Love, staff writer DAYTON, Tenn. — The long-anticipated Hilltop Players’ production of the musical The Apple Tree, which was under the direction of Theatre instructor Alexis Landry, opened to a thrilled audience. Many Bryan students and Dayton residents are fans of the Players’ productions, as shown by the successful turnout that accompanied Read More