Student band, Point of Reference, releases new EP

Written by: Devin Burrow, managing editor

RBG Ep cover.

At midnight December 12, 2019, student band Point of Reference will release its new EP titled “RGB” on all streaming platforms. The EP will consist of three songs titled “Red,” “Green” and “Blue. 

“We went through a lot of different ideas for the EP,” lead singer and acoustic guitarist Chandler Prisk added. “We had already written and practiced “Green” so we decided to make the other songs colors as well.” 

Prisk wrote Green” years before the band was first established, but they adopted the song as their own. He decided to delegate writing of the other two songs to other members of the band. 

“Red” was given to Micah Lindley and Michael Jones, the drummer and bassist of the band, respectively. 

“I was having a hard time figuring out how the song would fit together,” Jones admitted. “I’m used to writing songs before I have a title, so getting a title before it was written was an obstacle for me.” 

After watching a play called “Love” one night, Lindley was inspired and wrote the entire song in one sitting.

“I sent it to the band and said ‘Here you go, this is it,’” said Lindley. The rest is history. 

The band also has a hidden Bob Ross quote in one of their songs. They want to challenge listeners to pay close attention to their EP and see if they can spot it. 

“The album is about color, so naturally Bob Ross has to be a part of it,” Lindley commented. 

Garrett Cantrell, the lead electric guitarist, was in charge of writing the last song “Blue.”

“I wrote the song to be about sadness and breakup, but also about moving on,” said Cantrell.  

Point of Reference band members (from left) Micah Lindley, Jordan Bates, Michael Jones, Garrett Cantrell and Chandler Prisk.

If you ever get the chance to sit and talk with this group of talented guys, you will experience an electrifying chemistry forged over years of friendship and music. 

The band had the original name The Monarchs, but had to change it because that name was already taken.  

“We have a list of all the band names that we have gone through and considered,” Lindley commented. The names ranged from the comically stated “Jeff” to Bryan College affiliated names such as “Ark-Hill” (Which was dropped because it sounded too much like “R-Kill”). After much deliberation, Cantrell suggested Point of Reference. The band settled on that. 

Point of Reference’s beginnings started around March of 2018 when four of the five current band-members met up and decided to play some music. 

“Our methods of practice and the way we play together has only become more and more strong,” rhythm electric guitarist Jordan Bates added. “We seem to understand where a song is going while we are playing. It’s like we all have the same heartbeat.” 

When questioned which song was their favorite on the EP, most members pointed to “Green” as their favorite.

“The fact that it was around before we were an official band and how it has transformed since then has made it very sentimental to us,” Prisk stated. “It reminds us of where we come from.” 

Looking beyond the EP release, Point of Reference also has an upcoming album in the works.

The band members only wanted to tease the album with this phrase (which they announced in unison): 

“We sing about our anti-rebellious stage.”

The band currently foregoes a lot of practicing in order to spend more time on recording for future releases. 

They are, however, open to the possibility of more live gigs. 

If you want to book Point of Reference for any live gigs or tours, please reach out to them through their instagram @pointofreferenceofficial. You can also contact any of the band members on their personal social media accounts. 

Devin Burrow is the managing editor for He is a senior communications major with an emphasis in digital media. Devin serves as a resident assistant and senior class male senator at Bryan College.