SGA making changes for student body

4 years ago Triangle 0

Written by: Samantha Burgess, managing editor

The members of SGA are working to enact several changes at Bryan that they believe will benefit the student body.

SGA Vice President, Austin Marsh, said that a top concern is making open dorm policy more accessible by changing the time slot from 8 to 12 to 6 to 12. “With the current open dorm policy, we don’t have enough time to decompress and hang out,” said Marsh. “It seems like a time crunch more than anything.” Marsh hopes that extending open dorm for an extra hour or two will allow students to feel like they have more leeway.  

Starting open dorm at 6 will make it a more meaningful time for the students,” added Vice President of Events, Jordan Bates. “That way, students will have time to do more than just watch a movie or play a board game.”

SGA has spoken with Tim Shetter and RA Cheyenne Wilson, who believe it is possible to implement the policy within the next semester.

Another change SGA is addressing the new $3 laundry charge. SGA proposed that students should be able to pay a flat fee of $150 for laundry at the start of the semester. Marsh said that in a survey students preferred to continue paying the $3 dollar fee. However, Marsh believes it is important to still have an option to pay a flat fee instead of worrying about paying $3 from week to week.

“If students go ahead and pay at the start of the semester then they won’t have to take out money from their job each week,” said Marsh. “Not only that, but with the flat fee students could use their outside scholarships to pay it or even ask their parents who will probably be more willing to just make a one time payment.”

Marsh also talked about SGA working with Provost Doug Mann to implement a new policy stating that no coursework should be due until the Thursday after Spring Break. He explained that this idea came to him after going on a Break for Change trip.

“I couldn’t be fully invested in the trip because I was so concerned with all of the assignments that I had due the Monday after Spring break,” said Marsh. “Because I had hardly any time to work on the assignments, I ended up scrambling to write two papers on the long drive back.”

Marsh believes that because Bryan stresses ministry and serving Christ, we shouldn’t overload students with assignments over spring break that hinder them from doing so. Even for students who work over spring break, it can be stressful to finish assignments. Marsh feels that students need an actual reprieve over spring break so that they can finish the semester strong, which is the overall idea behind this new policy.

Finally, SGA will propose that the Prideland Grill and Gaming Area be open 24 hours for students to study or hang out. “We have seen a big need for a safe indoor space that has functional wifi and other facilities that students can use any day at any time,” said SGA President Andrew Appel.

Appel said that, in the past, students would go to Bimbo’s Restaurant, but now that they have closed their doors, there are no alternatives. “Whether it’s to work on co-ed group projects late into the night, study for tomorrow’s test, or just enjoy a common area for night owls, a 24 hour lounge on campus would be a invaluable addition to campus life,” said Appel.

Samantha Burgess is a junior majoring in communication with an emphasis in digital media and is managing editor for the Triangle. Her interests in writing include profiles and feature articles. Burgess can often be found curled up with a good book, writing, listening to music or watching TV.