Persuasive Comm. team aids local business

Amy Bailey becomes toilet paper bride

By Ashley Coker
Staff Writer

On Nov. 21, a group of students from Professor of Communication Studies Dr. Randy Hollingsworth’s Persuasive Communication class hosted an event targeted towards female students who are married, engaged, plan to become engaged or simply wish they were engaged.

Amy Bailey, Emily Moon and Abby Taylor worked alongside Stacia Baskin to help promote her wedding planning business, Paper Swallow Events.

According to Bailey, the group of students made brochures and business cards for Baskin, and also helped her design a promotional website.

In an effort to highlight what Baskin is doing, the group planned an evening of fun revolving around a bridal shower theme.

The night featured bridal shower games, which included making wedding gowns from toilet paper and wedding-themed pictionary, finger foods and a quick lesson from Baskin on wedding etiquette.

Baskin said that, as a wedding planner, she can as involved or uninvolved in the wedding as the bride would like.

Her planning packages range from a one-time session intended to answer any simple wedding questions the bride may have to her planning the entire wedding with simply a vision and budget from the bride.

Each attendee was given a coupon for 10% off any of Baskin’s planning packages, which can be found at