You might be dumb if…

14 years ago Paul Shanks 0
For many of us, music is the lubricant that allows our soul to smoothly navigate daily life. A specific beat, or that certain melody can harken us back to a place of solace or sorrow. In a world of seemingly limitless variety, the line between the music we listen to and who we are can Read More

Bryan College cuts back

14 years ago Matthew Crutchfield 0
By Matt Crutchfield, senior staff writer The current status of the United States economy is a source of discouragement and confusion for many working Americans. Nearly every aspect of society has been influenced by the fluctuating market, and for some the consequences have been severe. While Bryan College is not suffering greatly from the current Read More

The Class

14 years ago Joseph Demme 0
By Joseph Demme Starting with teachers at a high school in Paris introducing themselves before the school year begins, director Laurent Cantet sets the mood and setting for the rest of the film. The Class rarely steps outside of the building, showing us what happens within the confines of the classroom. The Class, based on Read More

An afternoon with Emma

14 years ago Kaitlynn Kopeski 0
Her name is Emma Tome and she is lovely. “ I’ve lost touch to do many things,” she said as her delicately wrinkled hands perfectly poured 10 cups of coffee for college students who, 30 minutes ago were strangers, but were now crowded around her dining table. At 85 Emma may have lost touch for Read More