First look at Italy

13 years ago Britney Weber 0
Sprawling mountains. Endless vineyards. Quaint towns complete with rustic houses, looming churches and decidedly Italian bakeries tucked away in every corner. It all looks just like a prize painting taken straight out of a gallery. But underneath Italy’s charming facade lies a spiritually dead country, buzzing with a people who know only the Jesus of Read More

Taco Bell and Lipstick on Wal-Mart Greeters

13 years ago Paul Shanks 0
by Paul Shanks The Dow Jones plummeted this past week with the announcement that Congress passed the nearly trillion-dollar stimulus package, and I went from buying the $1.69 Baja Chalupa at Taco Bell to the $.89 Cheesy-Bean Burrito. This adjustment serves as a fantastic way to save money, fill my stomach and predict where I Read More

Transition and the Triangle

13 years ago Jeremiah Nasiatka 0
By Jeremiah Nasiatka, Editor-in-Chief It did not make the top ten list in the Merriam-Webster search for word of the year in 2008, but it is impossible to deny that the word “change” was everywhere. For better or for worse, change is in the air. In a process that began over a year ago, the Read More

The Society of Sniffers and Slurpers

13 years ago Bill Findley 0
by Billy Findley, staff writer For many Bryan students, coffee is a quaint pick-me-up in the morning and an indispensable abet for concentration at night. However, as of just a few weeks ago, there are a handful of students who have taken the mere act of coffee drinking and transformed it into an art. Read More