Nashville Film Festival Report, Day 1

12 years ago Joseph Demme 0
This post is a long time in the writing, largely due to graduating from college, and the extended trip back home to Pennsylvania. It has given me more time to digest the films that I watched, however. I had the opportunity to attend the Nashville Film Festival again this year, and it was a great Read More

Lifeblood seeks more participation

12 years ago Triangle 0
Matt Crutchfield, senior staff writer Sharp needles and blood make some people squeamish, but for those involved in the Bryan College Lifeblood ministry they are means to an end. The Lifeblood ministry gives students the opportunity to support orphans in India with money received through the donation of plasma. Recently, the Lifeblood ministry began a Read More

Poker night on the Tennessee River

12 years ago Allison McLean 0
by Allison McLean, Online Editor Although the night was dark and stormy in Chattanooga, Tenn. last Saturday, March 28, the atmosphere was anything but turbulent inside the walls of the Southern Belle Riverboat as students, music, and poker filled the three story boat for Student Government Association (SGA) Events Council’s Midnight Cruise. “I really enjoyed Read More

Late nights might get later

12 years ago Bill Findley 0
by Billy Findley, staff writer This spring, SGA petitioned the Student Life Council to take the next step in curfew alleviation—a revocation of weekend curfew altogether. The Student Life Council decided on April 16 to recommend to the President’s Cabinet that the change be made. If the President’s Cabinet approves the elimination of weekend curfew, Read More