Nike set to release new, self-lacing basketball shoe

Written by: Tanner White, sports and entertainment correspondent

Nike’s new self-lacing shoe is coming to a sports store near you. The Nike Adapt BB is set to release on February 17 for $350. Nike hopes that stars like Celtics Jayson Tatum and Lakers Kyle Kuzma will have a big influence on the sales of this shoe.

Because of the pressure put onto the athlete’s foot during a basketball game, the shape of the foot actually changes. The new technology allows the player to change the tightness of the shoe with a push of a button, instead of taking the time to untie and tie the shoe. Eric Avar, Nike VP Creative Director of Innovation said, “We picked basketball as the first sport for Nike Adapt intentionally because of the demands that athletes put on their shoes.” A shoe that fits before the game, can easily become too tight for a player later on.

With the two buttons on the side of the shoe, the player can loosen or tighten the shoe to comfortability. For those who have their phones on them, the shoe can be adjusted by an app. Just swipe up for the shoe to tighten, and down for it to loosen. A motor and gear train senses the tension needed by the foot. It then adjusts how it needs to keep the foot from moving too much.

The upper outer shell consists of Nike’s patented Flyknit technology, which is light and sturdy, while the upper inner shell is QuadFit mesh that conforms to the foot to keep snug. The midsole is cushion foam, made for taking high-impact hits and protecting the foot from hurting with all the jumping basketball players do.

The shoe went through thousands of rigorous tests, including impact and waterproof tests, intense temperatures and end-of-life tests that lasted thousands of cycles.

Tatum and Kuzma were both asked by Nike to help with their testing, and to wear them during games. During the game between the Celtics and Lakers on Thursday, February 7, Tatum played with the Adapt BB’s. “They don’t have laces, but they fit like a glove. It just grasps to your foot. It’s very, very secure,” Tatum explained.

Strong yet flexible, it adapts to your foot to provide a locked-in feel for distraction-free play,” Nike explains. This shoe is a look into the future of technology for shoes to maximize the level of play. Basketball players all over the world will look to try these shoes out once they drop on February 17.


Tanner White is a sophomore communications major with an emphasis in digital media. He enjoys baseball, music, and long walks to the fridge.