Republican nominee for Tenn governor Bill Lee visits Bryan College

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Written by: Devin Burrow, Audio Division Head

On September 24, Republican nominee for Tennessee governor Bill Lee visited Dayton, Tenn. as a part of his “Believe in Tennessee” tour. His mission at Bryan College was to speak to the students about why they should elect him in the November 6 election. Professors excused students who wished to attend the event.

President Stephen Livesay introduced Lee by stating that, “Future governor Lee accurately represents the ideals of the students of the College.”

Lee commented on the atmosphere of Bryan: “The feel of this place is real. Private colleges play a critical role in the future of Tennessee.”

After, he spoke of the importance of the public sector working with the private sector to better Tennessee for all 6.5 million citizens. Lee tied this to himself as he described his history as a businessman and a fourth generation farmer.

Lee talked about how his first wife passed away when he was 40 years old, and how it was a transformative experience for him spiritually. After the loss of his wife, Lee decided to commit more of his life to God and life-changing work. This new perspective on work led to him being the chair of a YMCA in Nashville and working with a prison ministry “Men of Valor.” Working in this ministry caused Lee to wonder how he could serve more. A few years later, “after fervent prayer, my wife and I decided that I would run for governor. We hopped in the R.V. and left.”

Most students were approving of candidate Lee’s ideals. “I thought Mr. Lee’s description of his grassroots campaign appealed to pretty much all of the students and faculty,” said Bryan Knowles, a junior history major at Bryan College. “ I didn’t know much about his campaign story, so I’m glad he shared that. I think he knew his audience and connected with them about education and jobs. I think he’s definitely secured the votes of the people in the room, especially anyone who was on the fence.”

Lee and his family spent 95 days touring all the counties of Tennessee for his “Faith in Tennessee” tour. Lee even mentioned that he drove a tractor 748 miles to show off his agriculture background and to reach the more rural voter base. In his current tour, “Believe in Tennessee,” Lee is visiting nonprofits and private institutions to describe his plan to help the public and private sectors cooperate.

Devin is the audio and social media division editor. He is a junior communications, media and culture major with a minor in worship arts at Bryan College. Devin serves as a resident assistant and loves food, entertainment and politics.