Omni Rehab comes to Bryan College

2 years ago Triangle 0

Written by: Andrew Johnson, staff writer

Bryan College now offers an Omni Rehab facility in Mercer to help rehabilitate athletes. Omni Rehab is a rehab center that is devoted to the care and rehabilitation of patients that have neurological, musculoskeletal or orthopedic problems. They treat these issues by helping their patients work out their muscles or by other therapeutic exercises. 

Omni Rehab moved to Bryan in July, according to Audrey Smith, whose father, Travis Smith, owns the business. The business has two other locations in Pikeville and Dunlap. 

“It’s a partnership with Bryan College,” Smith said. “Bryan is providing another place in which Omni Rehab can open up shop, and Omni Rehab will provide some services for students.” 

The partnership details that Omni Rehab has with Bryan was not disclosed and monetary information was not disclosed either. 

Some of the amenities provided as a part of the partnership include a space with equipment for training EHS majors and rehab for injured or worn out athletes. 

Junior Varsity Baseball Player Luke Peterson who said that they’ve helped with rehabilitating his arm. Peterson has been seeing significant improvement in his shoulder and arm, thanks to Mr. Smith’s help. 

Mr. Smith has been working with Luke since last spring, commuting to Bryan to help him before his new office was opened on campus. He had been helping him work out his arm to keep it in shape for the season. The rehabilitation is necessary because of an injury he sustained to his shoulder in highschool.

 “He came here a couple times a week when my team was in the gym, and I worked with him on my arm during that time,” Peterson said. Now he stops by Mr. Smith’s office to continue his rehabilitation. 

Andrew Johnson is a politics and government journalist for the Bryan Triangle. He is a Sophomore at Bryan and is currently studying communications. He likes hiking and spending time outdoors.