NFL star Antonio Brown may be joining another team very soon

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Written by: Tanner White, Sports and Entertainment Correspondent

Antonio Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers have found themselves in a dilemma caused by questionable off-field actions by the wide receiver. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Brown had some disagreements this past off-season. Even as one of the best wide receivers, Brown may be on another team next season.

Football fans knew that Brown and Roethlisberger had some disagreements 

this past off-season, but nobody expected it to be this bad. Brown has caused a major distraction in the locker room.

With the team’s brawling, it seems as if Brown has distanced himself. Bruce Arians, former Steelers assistant coach and now head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has recently come out saying he sees a bit of “diva” in Brown. Brown’s response came shortly after, disagreeing with Arians.

Brown sat out of the last week of practice, which resulted in him being benched. His actions, or lack of actions, have spoken loudly to the Steelers organization. With Brown having huge disagreements and locker room blow-ups with Roethlisberger, the team has faced more adversity than necessary. Pittsburgh already lost one of their top players, Le’Veon Bell, as he boycotted the season demanding a contract extension. With Brown’s actions, there hasn’t been much of an idea of what the arguments have been about, but either way, these distractions have brought the Steelers to an ultimatum: trade Brown, release him or deal with him.

Brown and Roethlisberger’s disagreements in the locker room was never visibly shown on the field, as Brown continued his dominant performance in games. His numbers did go down a little bit, but was able to eclipse 1,000 receiving yards and score a career high 15 touchdowns.

Steelers president, Arthur Rooney II has stated that they will not release Brown, but “all options are on the table” after Brown’s actions towards the end of the season. Rooney even went as far as saying that it would be “hard to envision” Brown on the team at the start of training camp come July 2019.

With Brown sitting out of practices and skipping team meetings, it seems he isn’t happy with the current situation in Pittsburgh. Will he do the same as teammate Le’Veon Bell? Or will he be traded to another team, or even released?

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