New Bryan Magazine Emerges From Student Newspaper, The Triangle

12 months ago Triangle 0

Written by Andrew Johnson, news editor

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A magazine is in the works thanks to the Bryan student media team which met earlier this semester at the Edney Center in downtown Chattanooga for their planning retreat. 

Bryan student media publication historically has been in newspaper form with the name, The Triangle. The name will remain, but the format will change.

“We’re working on transitioning to a news and lifestyle magazine, with a website and print edition,” Communication, Media & Culture Department Chair Dr. Michael R. Finch said. 

The first edition of the magazine, which will be released approximately by the end of the semester, will include articles written throughout the year, and a few unique articles written specifically for the magazine. 

“It was good to get off campus and into a professional setting because these students are doing something that is an outward-facing part of the university and we want this to be professional,” Dr. Finch said.

During the meeting, this year’s Triangle staff were chosen. Rylee Evans, a four-year Triangle veteran, was the obvious choice for managing editor.

“I am so excited about this team. We have lots of opportunities to succeed, which is refreshing. Dr. Finch has experience that could help advance the Triangle in ways we haven’t had before. I’m humbled to have been named the managing editor, and I have big dreams for the Triangle,” Evans said. 

Evans’ right-hand man Andrew Johnson, senior communications major, will be in the position of news editor for this semester, but he will move to the top spot of managing editor when Evans graduates in December 2021. 

 “Andrew and Rylee came into this semester as sort of co-managing editors, so really assigning Andrew ‘news’ is only possible knowing he will be able to work as managing editor next semester,” Dr. Finch said. 

The editorial team will be supported by the initial reporting staff of Tyree Bailey, Amanda Davis, Ashlynn Akiona and Isabelle Hendrich, Cole, though the team will be actively recruiting for more reporters during the semester. 

After parking spots had been found, water and snacks had been transported up to the fifth floor of the Edney building to their Enterprise Center floor, and a pot of coffee was set to brew, Dr. Finch kicked off the retreat with a prayer. Then the retreat rolled along with the normal introductions and ice-breakers which was followed by a bit of vision-casting and resource sharing from Dr. Finch. 

Then, beloved and longtime communication faculty member Professor Michael Palmer stopped in to share a bit about the history of The Triangle and about the importance of stories. The clock struck noon (or thereabouts) and the team headed out for lunch.

Professor Palmer joined The Triangle staff and Dr. Finch for lunch on the town at Urban Stack, a burger restaurant in downtown Chattanooga. Retreat members reported thoroughly enjoying the food, conversation, and locally-focused atmosphere during lunch. 

A lot of content was covered and a tremendous amount of work was done, but the students said they enjoyed the opportunity to be there. 

After lunch, the retreat members headed back to the Edney building to brainstorm recruitment strategies and visions for the magazine. Rubrics for grading the class were then created by all the members of The Triangle staff, led by the editors. More magazine ideas were introduced by all the members, and the possibilities for advertisements within it were discussed. The retreat ended with a doxology led by Dr. Finch.

“I always try to have fun,” Tyree Bailey said. “I enjoyed myself and spending time with you (the Triangle staff) and what we’re trying to accomplish here.” 

Andrew Johnson is a Senior at Bryan college and is currently studying for a degree in communications, media, and culture. He has been with The Triangle for 3 years and is the current head News Editor. Andrew enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and fishing. He also enjoys studying political science.