Meet Dr. Reggie Ecarma, new communication department head

By Katherine Carpenter 
Staff Writer 

Freshmen and transfers are not the only new faces around Bryan this fall. Dr. Reginald “Reggie” Ecarma has joined Bryan as the newest communication, media and culture (CMC) professor and department head.

Dr. Reggie Ecarma / Photo courtesy Bryan College
Dr. Reggie Ecarma

Ecarma taught previously at North Greenville University (Tigerville, South Carolina) as a senior professor of mass communication. Before teaching in Greenville, he taught at multiple universities and served in the U.S. Naval Reserves.

He is not the first member of his family to serve in the military; in fact, he is one of eight military relatives of the Ecarma family, preceded by seven generals.

After serving in the Naval Reserves, Ecarma went on to receive his Master’s of Divinity, and his PhD in political communication.

Continuing his education, Ecarma said, was not something he initially expected to do.

“I thought I was done; I was so sick of school,” he said.

However, after completing both degrees, Ecarma was drawn back into academia.

He was contacted last spring by Academic Vice President Dr. Kevin Clauson about a position here at Bryan.

“I was flattered,” Ecarma said of the offer. “I was pleased to be told of the position, and I thought I should give leadership a try.”

Though he was excited by the opportunity, it did mean leaving behind a life in North Carolina. After 12 years of teaching at NGU, Ecarma and his family had built a life there.

He and his wife, Lorri, have six children together. Their oldest daughter works as a public relations specialist at a firm in Washington D.C. Their second daughter has a degree in broadcast media, and two of their sons are in college. Their two youngest sons, still in high school and middle school, made the move to Dayton with them.

His wife’s excitement, Ecarma said, was both infectious and a deciding factor in the move to Dayton.

“My wife is adventurous,” he said. “She likes new stuff; she was excited.”

Ecarma says he looks forward to utilizing a new Bachelor of Science program for the CMC major and, in the future, to developing a master’s program in CMC.

“I hope to serve the president, the faculty and help the students fulfill their calling and advance the kingdom of God,” he said.