Master Manufacturing Group: New jobs for Rhea County

Written by: Morgan Clark, staff writer

DAYTON, Tenn. — Master Manufacturing Group is making the move from Rancho Cordova, Calif. to Dayton, Tenn., providing jobs and industry in Rhea County.  

Master Manufacturing Group is a custom tube manufacturer that will be moving into the building formerly occupied by International Automotive Components (IAC). The company is looking to provide at least 70 jobs to the area. MMG will offer benefits such as 401k, vacation time, life insurance, and dental and vision insurances. Applications are currently being accepted for entry-level employment.

MMG also plans to invest roughly four million dollars into the facility, which was built in 1964. 

Rhea County sees this as a win for the local economy. Not only are residents of Rhea County being presented with a new job opportunity, but local facilities are being improved and renovated. 

In a statement published by the Tennessean Department of Economic & Community Development, Rep. Ron Travis stated, “Tennessee continues to be a top choice for companies looking to establish advanced manufacturing facilities. This proves our investment in education and infrastructure is resulting in good jobs in our communities.” 

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee stated, “What happens in rural Tennessee affects every Tennessean, and so we’re excited by this investment from Masters Manufacturing Group to bring more jobs and growth in Rhea County.”

Rhea County is growing at a constant rate. The population in 1990 sat at 24,373 residents and now stands at 33,167 in 2020. As the population rises, the need for industrial opportunities such as the one MMG is providing is vital. 

Rhea County currently boasts several other industrial companies, such as La-Z-Boy, Delta Industrial Products, and Nokian Tyres. 

Morgan Clark is a first year staff writer for the Triangle. She is a Bryan College cheerleader and communication major.