Marriage of Figaro has Successful Weekend at Bryan College

Written by: Mathäus Schwarzen, staff writer

The Bryan College Fine Arts theatre department wrapped up their opera performance of The Marriage of Figaro on February 23. The students took to the stage in Rudd Auditorium Friday night during the Scholarship Weekend event and one last time on Saturday night. Both performances were met with applause.

The Marriage of Figaro, one of Wolfgang Mozart’s final operas, follows a young couple as they plan their wedding while avoiding the attention of Count Almaviva, played by William Darby. Isaac Mullet and Rebekah Runner played Figaro and Susanna, while Sophia McCosh filled the male role of the love-stricken Cherubino. Countess Almaviva was played by Alexis Reese.

The production went smoothly except for the occasional microphone problem. Sound issues plagued Mullet’s audio the second night, leading to his microphone being cut just before the intermission.

He went through three mic links over the course of the show.

“The last one they got on me just as I was running out on stage,” Mullet said. “They told me that was the last one they had, so I was just going to have to project after that.”

Mullet thought the production went well that night in spite of the issues. The cast had run through the performance on and off since October and knew how to play off a mishap.

“On the spot, you try to problem-solve, and if it doesn’t work they’ll cut you off. You just have to keep going and just pretend that it’s not there,” Mullet said.

The actors can deviate from their blocking as much as they need. Mullet himself was commended by the director, Dr. Kimberly Keck, for improvising after a prop broke in his hands the first night of the show.

“Things are going to happen, so you have to be prepared to take them in stride,” Mullet said.

The Marriage of Figaro sold 338 tickets over the weekend, and was greeted by a standing ovation both nights. The Bryan Theatre Department is now looking forward to its upcoming performance of My Fair Lady on April 11.

Mathäus Schwarzen is a die-hard Seattleite and a communication major at Bryan College. He enjoys movies, science and very deep conversations, and is very proud of his German heritage. If you’re looking for him, he’ll most likely be in his room, surrounded by the wreckage of his latest assignment and pounding his head on the wall.