It’s cold “Let it Go”

6 years ago Triangle 0

Written By: Everett Kirkman

Raindrops are falling, Christmas carols are ringing through Tennessee’s mountains, and beanies and scarves are everywhere.

     College students hustle between classes as frozen rain pelts the sidewalk wishing it could be snow instead of rain. Students daydream during “hell week” about Christmas traditions and cold weather sports. Winter has officially come to Southeastern Tennessee.

    When asked if they liked the cold weather, Bryan’s students came back with a plethora of responses. Many people answered yes but the number who said no was much greater.

    Emily Beaty from Austin Texas said “The cold weather is more deplorable than the people from my great state.”

      Keile Hale said, “Yes! I am used to the cold, I’m from the north. Tennessee’s weather isn’t even cold.”

      So, whether you’re from Minnesota or Chicago, Florida or Miami, or even another country welcome to winter time at Bryan College.